Russ Pearson Updates


7/26/07 Summer Update

I haven't put here much lately.  I recently had surgery again on my ankle at the beginning of June.  I have since been to my fantastic Physical Therapist Bernadette Gervasi and have already been on the bike and back training almost to normal.

I have been working really hard with Earl Desiderio doing a lot of testing, so a big thanks to him and am really excited for this fall to come around and races start back up..

I have also talked to a friend and planning on doing a Triathalon thing in Utah on September 22.  It is like a half mile swim and 12 mile bike ride, then 5k run to finish it off.  I am not much of a swimmer, so was thinking of burying like a motor with propeller underwater and swim to it then just go for a ride:)  Any input or if anyone has done this, definetely give me some advice.  It should be a lot of fun.  A big thanks to all my family and sponsors and friends and everyone for the continued support and will try to keep this up to date a little more often.



2006 Christmas

I got a little red healer puppy for Christmas.  Her name is Piper and she was born November 10th, 2006.


Moose(brother Nate's dog) and Piper

Ava and Otto and Piper at the ranch Christmas Eve.  Yes, she's barefoot in the snow:)



Another Dr appointment and a new cast.  Yamaha blue.  Anyways, the break was an old injury and it was already a non-union break before this injury is what Dr Watson told me.  I just broke it worse.  The x-ray below will show you the cool screws they put in there.  They look like screws you put into wood or something a bit gnarly.  Well, the gaps aren't filled in so a new cast a wait longer.  More milk and calcium.

Also, another update.  My brothers, along with Nate's girlfriend Sara, finally did the jump and jumped out of a perfectly good running airplane, man, they have issues.  Well, here are some pics and I guess I'll have to wait until my leg is all healed before I do a flying leap

Nick, Sara, and Nate

Nate almost at touch down


Mammoth Mountain= Broken ankle.  I drove up to Mammoth, Ca for some moto practice at the Mammoth Mountain Motocross and came away with an aweeeee.

I ended up breaking my right Tibia bone right at the ankle and it was non-union meaning not touching to heal itself.  After seeing a couple doctors and a cat scan, it was time to head to the surgery room.  I walked away with 2 screws and will be out for roughly 8 weeks.  Surgery performed by Dr Troy Watson.  My Physical Therapist Bernadette also came in and took some photos and video during surgery.


They are in and ready for work

time for some drilling

If you can't fix it, get a bigger hammer:)

Now, a screwdriver and a couple screws and we're good to go.

Movie Clips

 foot surgery 026 drilling

 foot surgery 028 screwdriver


Baby Sister.  Just after finishing the Washougal WORCS race, I got on the phone and I had a new sister born.  Her name is Paige and she's a darling.


Just a couple quick updates.  On January 28, 2006, my brother Nick got married to his now wife Amber.  That is one thing us Pearson's have is a strong family and I am happy for Nick and I congratulate Amber and him for their beautiful marriage with many happy memories to come.  Here is a family picture of the wedding:

This is my family, all my brothers and sisters.  From left:  Tuffy, Nate, Ellen(stepmom) holding Otto, Dad(Lee), Amber and Nick, Maggie(in front of Nick), Mom(Felecia), Emma, Russell, Beth, Axel.  Laura and Ava, my youngest sisters, are missing in action and we have another brother or sister expecting here in a bit. 

from left: Emma, Ava, Laura and Maggie

My mom and me watching Nick and Amber getting down

Nick and Amber                   Kellon and Milly with

getting down                          Trent and Heather in back


Russell Pearson